The Importance of Employee Assistance Programmes in These Times.

Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - The Importance of Employee Assistance Programmes in These Times

As an advisory and intermediary service provider, we have witnessed a remarkable influx of members suffering from crime-related trauma and injuries.

The last few months saw the environment escalate from garden variety muggings to violent shootings, riots, and strikes. Couple this with the impact of COVID 19, and it’s plain to see why mental health is such a prevalent topic.

Employers are asking themselves how to tackle this ‘pandemic within a pandemic’.

Can employers reduce the impact on their workforce and ensure that staff thrive in their roles despite these challenges? We believe so.

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are a highly relevant and effective solution as they include counselling services.

The services are discreet and offer complete confidentiality, providing a haven for employees who are otherwise suffering silently for fear of discrimination.

Understandably, growing unemployment rates and financial pressure on households due to economic downturn can heighten worries around job security. The burden of these worries compounded by the stresses of our current environment leads to presenteeism in the workplace—which is bad for everyone.

Fortunately, EAPs offer members direct access to confidential counselling (as it should be).  

Members are engaging with these programmes more effectively because there are no cost restraints. They get free access to the discreet, private, and safe support they need.

The net result is a happier human being, actively engaging in the business while fulfilling their role—restoring the balance we all desire.

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Key takeout: Employee assistance programmes are the way of the future that provide silent but powerful benefits to businesses and the people within them.