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Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - Blog - SA On the FATF Grey List March 2023
OLD MUTUAL MULTI-MANAGERS – MARKETS IN A MINUTE – 27 February 2023 WHY IS THIS IN THE NEWS? The global Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has placed South Africa on the list of “Jurisdictions under Increased Monitoring”, the so-called grey list. The FATF is a global body that sets legal, regulatory, and operational standards to
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - Blog - Understanding Medical Inflation and What Impacts the Cost of Healthcare
There’s no doubt that even high-income earners feel the pinch of rising costs in private healthcare. Why do healthcare rates rise more than average inflation—are medical schemes greedy? Today we are looking at what influences healthcare costs and, ultimately, medical inflation. South African Healthcare Demographics in Context Most South Africans rely solely on the public
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - Blog - The Effect Of Compound Interest
Will you have enough money when you retire?   To retire comfortably requires a sound investment strategy that starts as early as possible. When it comes to long-term investments like your retirement savings, compound interest is a small thing that makes a massive difference. It is often ignored because the impact of compound interest isn’t
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - Blog - Arrear Contributions
In case you missed it, The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) issued a communication regarding retirement funds contributions, which needs noting. FSCA communication 17 of 22(RF) – is relevant to all employers with retirement funds, more those whose fund contributions are currently in arrears. Current Statute In terms of section 13A of the Pension Funds
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - Blog - How Covid Affects Premiums
Group insurance pricing is forward-looking. This means that when premiums are reviewed annually, the premium rates are based on the expected costs of claims over the next 12 months. The influx of life cover claims over the last two years – and the high uncertainty around the future impact of Covid-19 – requires a cautious
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - The Importance of Employee Assistance Programmes in These Times
As an advisory and intermediary service provider, we have witnessed a remarkable influx of members suffering from crime-related trauma and injuries. The last few months saw the environment escalate from garden variety muggings to violent shootings, riots, and strikes. Couple this with the impact of COVID 19, and it’s plain to see why mental health
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - Why is a beneficiary nomination form so important?
The details in your beneficiary nomination form ensure that your loved ones (and other dependants) aren’t left in the lurch when you pass. The strain of dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough, but too often, many families suffer financial burdens as well. Complete and up-to-date information in your beneficiary nomination
The Minister of Finance did not create an uproar with his maiden budget speech and said some calming words like … “Tax revenue collected was more than budgeted” and “The South African government finances are turning the tide”. Tax free threshold increase from R87 300 to R91 250 Medical Tax Credits has increased to R347
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - Blog - News Hoot October 2021
How Do I Approach The Topic Of Mental Health If It Is Considered To Be A Taboo In My Family? Experiencing a wide range of emotions, including uncomfortable feelings, is an important part of being human. You should not feel ashamed or be made to feel ashamed if you experience sadness, anger, frustration or any

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