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Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - Exercise!
The Yellow-Billed Kites and Violet-Backed Starlings have returned to our skies, and green leaves burst from the bare trees. Spring is here, a wonderful time to exercise and enjoy the beautiful surroundings we live in. We’ve all heard that regular exercise is good for us, but do we really know the benefits of regular exercise?
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd
According to Stats SA, the unemployment rate increased to an historic high of 30,1% in the first quarter of 2020, with more job losses still to come.  Losing your income may have been beyond your control, but the decision you take with regards to your Pension or Provident Fund, is in your control.  This decision
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - Covid-19 Impact
What To Expect It’s not easy to keep calm and carry on as if everything is normal in the middle of a pandemic. We’re not wired for uncertainty. COVID-19 is creating uncertainty, and that is why markets are so volatile – moving up one day and crashing down the next. The next time you look
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - E-Learning
Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Strong. As South Africa eases into Level 4 lockdown, some of us may be in a position to return to work whilst Mindoro Group has decided it’s best to continue with the status quo of working remotely for just a little while longer. Despite the circumstances we remain committed to
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd - Our Services
We write to you keeping you informed on the Discovery publication made yesterday afternoon to brokers. Discovery publicised this morning that they are making provisions on premiums due by members / employers during the COVID 19 lockdown period. Many members are facing financial restraints during the current lockdown period where they will not be receiving
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd
The current discussion in the media and the article titled “ANC suggests pension funds take some Eskom assets” by Bloomberg has arisen because of a paper published by the ANC’s Transformation Committee. The proposals, which are outlined in the ANC’s document titled “Reconstruction, Growth and Transformation: Building a New Inclusive Economy”, outline the party’s vision
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd
If we had predicted that many South Africans, including yourself, would be working from home indefinitely back in January, you would have thought this year was set to be a breeze, right? Reality is a little different, though. Working from home has its challenges that can affect your life. Here five ways you can improve
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd
Mindoro – Survival Guide To Achieving Financial Success Manage Your Finances Determine your assets ~ assets can be simply defined as what you own. They typically include your home, car, cash in the bank and your retirement and investment accounts. Determine your liabilities ~ liabilities is your debt or simply “what you owe”. These are
Mindoro Group (Pty) Ltd
Mindoro Group Is Continuously Searching For Comprehensive Employee Benefit Solutions. Covid 19 has impacted on us in many ways and  we would like to extend Safrican’s group funeral cover, to your company, that will  offer families peace of mind for the most unexpected expenses. The price ranges from a very low R16 per member per month

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